Learn to Climb: Outdoors for All

At Peace Surplus, we believe everyone should have access to the outdoors! But sometimes, that’s hard. Without access to endless funds or knowing someone who can teach you a new sport, it can be really tricky to get started. 

Peace Surplus is kickstarting a video and blog series titled, “Outdoors for All,” with the purpose of educating those who are interested in an outdoor sport on how to get involved. By providing local Flagstaff resources and tips on how to recreate affordably, we hope you can learn a new way to enjoy being outside. 

In episode 1 of our “Outdoors for All” series, we’re featuring Jade Wright. Jade recently started rock climbing after beginning her job as an admin assistant at Peace Surplus last fall. In the video, Jade will explain how her passion for climbing began with a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, a western climbing mecca. Since her trip, Jade is learning how to climb outside, building her climbing network of friends and getting stronger at the climbing gym.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in learning how to climb, here’s what we recommend:

  1. Find a friend who might also be interested and head to Flagstaff Climbing. You can sign up for a belay lesson. (Belaying is the process of securing someone with a rope while they climb up the wall.) 
  2. If you’d like to keep climbing, you can split a membership at Flag Climb and each pay for $57 per month. This is the most affordable option. With your monthly membership, you can rent a harness and shoes for your first month, free of charge. Your membership also includes unlimited access to Northern Arizona Yoga Center AND 24 hour access to Main Street Boulders. What a steal.
  3. As an alternative option, you can also check out Beta Bouldering! They have the largest bouldering gym in town. 
  4. If you’ve spent a month climbing and you’re hooked, it might be time to grab some gear. Peace Surplus sells chalk bags, climbing shoes, and climbing harnesses. These are all essential once your free gear rental ends at Flag Climb. We’ll help you get fitted for climbing shoes and answer any additional questions you have. 
  5. Lastly, if you’d like to take your climbing outside (because, who doesn’t?!), you have a few options. First, befriend others at the gym. They might offer to take you outside or help educate you on how climbing inside is different than climbing outside. Secondly, Flagstaff climbing often hosts educational clinics including ones about how to lead climb. Climbing outside can be dangerous and requires a lot of gear. It is also important to understand how to care for the outdoor recreation areas we get to climb in. Make sure you attend a class before you head into the sunshine. 

Don’t be a Stranger!

Most importantly, if you have any questions, reach out to us! You can stop by the store, call us and ask to speak to Jade, and of course, watch the fun video linked above. 

The outdoors should be for everyone! No matter your age, income level, gender or ethnicity, we hope you feel welcomed into the climbing community. 

Help us share this message by sending this blog or the video to a friend who might be interested!